CPPpred is a server for the prediction of cell penetrating peptides based on a novel N-to-1 neural network. CPPpred aims to determine for a set of peptides how likely each of them is to be cell penetrating. The peptides can simply be entered into the text box, and will be ranked according to their CPPpred score.


A list of peptide sequences 5 - 30 residues in length.


A ranked list of the input peptides, scored by CPPpred. The score, between 0 and 1, is not a prediction of the degree of cell penetrating ability but a prediction of how likely the peptide is to be cell penetrating. A score above 0.5 suggests that the peptide is cell penetrating. Scores closer to 1 indicate that CPPpred is more confident that the peptide will be cell penetrating and scores closer to 0 suggests that the peptide is very unlikely to be cell penetrating.


Enter peptide amino acid one-letter sequences

One peptide per line. Length 5 - 30 residues per peptide.
If a peptide is broken across multiple lines, each line will be treated as a separate peptide

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