PeptideLocator is for users interested in identifying bioactive peptides within a protein sequence. PeptideLocator was trained on a set of non-redundant protein sequences conatining known bioactive peptides.


This tool takes a UniProt sequence ID. The method uses the entire protein sequence as input, since it is trained on full length protein sequences. The maximum length of a protein sequence to be analysed is 10,000 residues.


The tool outputs a plot of the PeptideLocator score for each residue in the input protein sequence. This score represents the tool's prediction of the likelihood that each residue is part of a bioactive peptide within that protein sequence. Information about the Relative Local Conservation and the disorder context of the protein are included in the results.


  • If you use this service please cite: PeptideLocator: prediction of bioactive peptides in protein sequences Paper
  • Rest Service: API
  • Availability: If you would like to run PeptideLocator locally please contact the Bioware Users Group
  • Help and General Queries, as well as requests from training datasets should be sent to the Bioware Users Group

Input options

Please enter UniProt IDs here to load protein data. Sequences are limited to 10,000 residues.

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Analyses currently require a UniProt ID in order to calculate conservation statistics.