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EpiC collates and presents a structure-function summary and antigenicity prediction of your protein to help you design antibodies that are appropriate to your planned experiments.

Antibodies are invaluable research tools but any given antibody will be suitable for some experiments but will not work in others. EpiC utilises information on both the protein target and the various experiments that you plan to carry out and helps in the prediction of antigenicity and therefore epitopes. At least for the better annotated proteins, EpiC should give you an idea of how many antibodies you need to make and where to target the epitopes. Click on the tabs below to start designing your "virtual" experiment. Please remember EpiC is in an early stage of the software development, please get in touch if you want to see a service included or notice any reliability issues. If you notice anything amiss please contact by e-mail niall.haslam at ucd dot ie. Bear in mind that the EpiC resource collates data by connecting to multiple remote servers and cannot guarantee their uptime. For the moment, if a particular remote service fails you will have to reload the page later. It has been tested and will work in Firefox, however the other browsers, such as Safari, Opera and IE with Compatibility Mode on, should work.

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