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CompariMotif takes two lists of regular expression protein (or DNA) motifs and compares them to each other, identifying which motifs have some degree of overlap. CompariMotif outputs a table of all pairs of matching motifs, along with their degree of similarity (information content) and their relationship to each other.

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For larger datasets please download standalone version here


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The CompariMotif webserver is currently powered by CompariMotif 3.11.

The legacy version of the Server is available here



Please cite :

When using results obtained with one of the motif databases provided, please cite the appropriate reference. (Click here for details.)

News and Updates

  • September 2013: upgraded to used REST API and CompariMotif 3.11, which recognises "Ugly" partially overlapping degenerate position matches that can be screened out with overlaps=F.
  • August 2012: upgraded to CompariMotif 3.6, which now accepts ELM downloads and variable-length non-wildcards (although these will be split).
  • August 2012: migration to new server. (Please report any odd behaviour.)
  • April 2012: new ELM database entries added.