SLiMSearch 1.5


SLiMSearch searches for occurrences of pre-defined motifs in protein sequences. SLiMSearch uses sequence context in terms of structural disorder and evolutionary conservation to mask input proteins and/or rank motif occurrences. Read more ...


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    The SLiMSearch publication is currently in preparation.

    Davey, Norman E., Haslam, Niall J., Shields, Denis C. and Edwards, Richard J. (2010): SLiMSearch: a webserver for finding novel occurrences of short linear motifs in proteins, incorporating sequence context. Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics.


    Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics 2010

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    Step 1: Choose a search database

    Load sequence from UniProt

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    Analyses are limited to 100 proteins.
    For larger custom datasets, download SLiMSearch here.

    Choose from a predefined database.

          All proteins
          Cytoplasmic proteins only
          Nuclear proteins only
          Membrane proteins only

          Server Test Dataset

    Load sequences from GO

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