CompariMotif Help Pages



CompariMotif is a simple application for comparing two lists of motifs to identify similar (or identical) motifs.

Basic Help

CompariMotif Manual - (PDF)
Manual for both the webserver and standalone versions of CompariMotif in PDF format. Contains all the details found in these webpages and more.

Details of the correct input for CompariMotif.
A summary of the available options for both webserver and standalone implementations.
CompariMotif output explained.

Further Details

How CompariMotif works
A more detailed description of the algorithm behind CompariMotif.
CompariMotif Relationships
A more detailed description, and examples, of the different motif relationship types.
Example Application
An example of CompariMotif applied to real data.

SLiM Databases
Details of the SLiM databases available to search with CompariMotif.
References and Citations
Papers to cite when using results in publications.

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